Welcome to CoDustMas!

CoDustMas is a collaborative Research Project (CRP) of EuroGENESIS, one of the EUROCORES programmes of the European Science Foundation. This international network aims at understanding the crucial role that supernovae play in the formation of cosmic dust in our local and far universe. Specifically, the CRP will study the synthesis of molecules and dust grains in core-collapse supernovae, the metal and isotope depletion in dust grains and its relation to mixing in the ejecta, the evolution of dust in supernova remnants, and the supernova contribution to the chemical enrichment of galaxies.

CoDustMas involves the scientific fields of Astrochemistry, Astronomy, Cosmochemistry and Astrophysics. The network is sub-divised in individual and associated projects and includes several European institutes (University Basel, ETH Zurich, University of Vienna, Onsala Observatory, University of Perugia, MPI Mainz). A group of experts worldwide complements and supports the initiative. CoDustMas started in 2010 and is funded for a period of 3 years by four national agencies: the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Swedish Research Council, and the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). The CRP leader is Dr. Isabelle Cherchneff from Universität Basel, Switzerland.