Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry (Otto-Hahn-Institute) Mainz

  1. Isolation of stardust grains (nanodiamonds, SiC) by chemical dissolution of the meteoritic material (U. Ott)
  2. Search for large supernova grains with high trace element abundances in SiC grains (P. Hoppe)
  3. Supply of nanodiamonds for AMS measurements in collaboration with TU Vienna/ETH Zurich (Ott, Hoppe)
  4. Interpretation of measured isotopic abundance ratios with nucleosynthesis calculations in the neutrino-driven wind
    of core-collapse supernovae (Kratz, Farouqi, Hallmann)


  • Dr. Uli Ott
  • Dr. Peter Hoppe
  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kratz
  • Dr. Khalil Farouqi
  • Oliver Hallmann (PhD Student)