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Co-Production of Light p-, s- and r-Process Isotopes in the High-Entropy Wind of Core-Collapse Supernovae Download


11th Symp. on Nuclei in the Cosmos; PoS (NIC XI) 081


We have performed a large-scale nucleosynthesis parameter study within the high-entropy-wind (HEW) scenario of core-collapse supernovae with the primary aim to obtain indications for the production conditions of the classical ’p-only’ isotopes of the light trans-Fe elements in the Solar System (SS). We find that in moderately neutron-rich winds, sizeable abundances of p-, s- and r-process nuclei between 64Zn and 104Ru are co-produced.Taking the peculiar compositions of the 7 stable Mo isotopes in (i) the SS and (ii) in specific presolar SiC X-grains as particularly challenging examples, our results show that the HEW ejecta can reproduce both, (i) the SS-ratio of 92Mo/94Mo with isotopic yields per SN event in the 10−8 M range, and (ii) the puzzling grain data of the Argonne / Chicago group. These results are in principal agreement with earlier studies, and may provide further means to revise the abundance estimates in the historical "light-p", "weak-s" and "weak-r" process regions.

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Khalil Farouqi, Oliver Hallmann, Ulrich Ott, Karl-Ludwig Kratz
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03 Nov 2011